How did you two meet?

We met when our oldest children started preschool together.  Our oldest two children are both in the same classes at the same school which is hugely convenient when you forget about school pick-up have a prior engagement at 3pm.  Beck started her fitness journey much earlier than Carla who went back for number three. Yes that's right…three children.  She is incredibly crazy blessed.

Who ARE the S7?

The S7 are an amazing group of women who met on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 6am through the year of 2011 for an hour of punishment exercise with their Personal Trainer 'Humungousaur'.

How did Humungousaur get his name?

Humungousaur was named by Carla's son (a big 'Ben 10' fan) upon seeing his muscles during training on the on the way out of the gym creche one morning.  
Give him a beanie and longer legs and it's a pretty accurate description really!

Is Humungousaur really humungous?

Well obviously we have to say yes because we are totally scared respectful!

What are you currently training for?

Both Beck and Carla have now qualified as Personal Trainers.

Carla has a keen interest in nutrition and may study further in that field when her children are older and more capable #beingoptimistic.  In the meantime she is avoiding facing her mid-life crisis by pursuing general lifting awesomeness and trying to get…just…one…more…rep..

Beck is training private groups and also doing PT sessions at the local gym.  Beck is working towards combining Personal Training with Health and Fitness Coaching as part of her business and is attempting to master new PB's in lifting in the gym.

Both of us are also secretly training our kids for their school sports day because we want them to smash the competition feel a sense of fun and achievement.

Are you interested in accepting advertising?

Why yes!  Particularly if you are Lorna Jane, because Carla is a shameless suckup big fan.
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