Wednesday, May 23, 2012

EFM - I like you!

( Another Fitness Option Review by Roving Fitness Tester: Beck)
As you will know I have a tendancy to say yes to things that result in my frozen in fear minutes before I am due to attend whatever activity I committed myself to. Yes loud confident brash me has panic attacks over silly things... So leaving the comfort of my nice safe warm (well actually its never warm)  but friendly gym to go and do an entirely different style of training with a new trainer in a new place is something that my head really wanted to do, but the rest of me was a little slower at getting on board with.  I had met EFM Trainer Mark previously who had run me through how it operates and to the lay person I would say it sounded like a half way point between Crossfit and Personal training. The idea being that a daily programme is up on the board ( with a couple to choose from depending on your level/ goal) and off you go. You have a coach in the studio to ensure you are on task, technically correct and working to a good intensity.
For a newbie such as myself the programme could have been written in Greek because ( like Crossfit) it has its own language, meaning and description of exercises, but once you have this under your belt I am sure it makes perfect sense (for me however this meant repeatedly re reading and asking “ you want me to do what???????”)

What I also really liked it that it’s an intimate training arena, this is the perfect place for someone who does not like gyms, large groups or having to think about what to do next. You will never be bored – constantly challenged and kept on your toes. Also there are no ipods allowed so yes you do have to acknowledge the person training next to you which is infact refreshingly nice.

Would I go back.. well yes actually I have to I have another session I committed to (there I go again).. but would I train there and recommend it to others – absolutely!!! EFM Studios are all across Australia and I think it’s a great way to train. When I went at 6.30am there was definitely the before work “mature aged” set in there and I don’t think anyone would feel out of place no matter what your fitness level. I am in fact very impressed (that might be because some kind soul told me I have very strong shoulders – and as we all know this is the one body part I am desperate to make “awesome”).. but seriously EFM – I like you!!!

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