Wednesday, May 16, 2012

CX Workx - OH yes it does!!

I made a commitment to myself, Carla and my blog (yes its becoming like a friend now) that I would take myself out of my comfort zone (again) and try some different classes, gyms, and ways of training. So with this in mind I accepted the kind invitation of 2 awesome trainers to come and try a CX Workx Class at their new gym The Fitness Academy. Now let me preface the following review with a few points

1.    I have never used rubber stretchy bands for anything in public before.

2.    I am not much of a class attendee these days as I get bored easily and have a low threshold for attentiveness

3.    I have never worked out at The Fitness Academy before

4.    I do not believe I actually have Ab muscles. Apparently they must be there or I would fall over.. but I have never seen any sign of them.

5.    I had already done 1.5 hours of a mix of cardio and strength training (silly me).

So in between sessions I had downed a protein shake and a coffee, rested a bit and headed off to class. Received a very warm welcome from James and went to “warm my core temp” on the spin bike while I waited for the class to start. Let me say that I nearly missed the class because I got absorbed in a TV add on the big screen which showed a 70 year old woman’s wrinkles just vanishing before my eyes just with the use of (very expensive) eye cream.. I love day time TV infomercials... pity the woman’s face was puffing up like a beach ball as everything swelled – but hey the wrinkles were going... Luckily my attention was drawn back to where it should be and off I went.

Now I know from Carla’s Pull up demonstration on  the School Monkey Bars that different band colours mean different resistance so I just went for the black ( cause that’s what most of the class had and I thought I didn’t want to show up my awesome-ness (or lack of) in my first session.  Instructor Thomas had pre-warned me that there were lots of body weight exercises too and thinking back to PHAT CAMP I wondered.. how bad can that really be???? Well. Let Me Tell you it can be BAAAAAAAD!

Don’t be fooled into thinking because you are lying on the ground that it is easy – there seemed to be an infinite number of crunches at increasingly difficult levels of difficulty. ( I was definitely regretting the protein shake and large cappuccino at this point).  But then we moved around a bit and got to use the stretchy bands which was fun. (Note to self don’t stand in the middle of the room because when I fall over with one foot up in the air  due to poor balance you put the instructor off and they do too.- oops).

I really liked using the bands and loved the class too. I like the fact its small and I can imagine that it’s going to get a good following of friendly like minded people.

The proof of its success was always going to be what happened the next day. You see I don’t get sore generally, maybe a twinge or too but certainly never PAIN. And whilst Carla’s response to this is often “ you should train harder” I have had many many health professionals stunned by the fact that I just don’t pull up sore from any amount of manipulation, prodding, exercise, stretching or bending. The only exception to this is when I first started training and then my legs would hurt like a B***tch. This at least proves that I do have some nerve fibres that work.

So the next day...yes I did feel my abs. I felt them as I was lying in bed completely still – they were just saying “hello we are here”. Would I do the class again – you betcha... Loved it and am even planning on buying some bands... who knows where they could come in handy ........


  1. Oh I am very jealous….in my pursuit of visible abs I think I really need to go and try this class….


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